Back from the UK!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth last week at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England. While I recover from a massive case of jetlag, I hope you enjoy some pictures…


I was so thrilled to learn that Jean Littlejohn and Jan Beaney of DoubleTrouble Enterprises were going to make an appearance at the show! Here I am with Jean (one of my idols); unfortunately I couldn’t grab Jan for the photo op. as she was speaking next door at the symposium, “Why Not Quilts?”


John manning the booth with the illustrious self-portraits on the back wall. People loved seeing them in person…


Leslie Morgan of Committed to Cloth in the Virtual Studios. Anybody attending the quilt show could stop by this section to see artists at work. Here Leslie demonstrated  with screens, dyes, brayers, stamps, and discharges how a plain white piece of muslin can be transformed into a beautiful complex cloth.


This picture makes me happier than a Calgon bath. Don’t you just want to sink your fingers into these containers? If features editor Cate Prato had attended the show (she’s a sucker for buttons), she would have bought out the entire booth in about five minutes flat.


The one, the only, the beautiful Maggie Grey of Workshop on the Web. Drumroll…..she has a new book out. (Promise to post about that later.) She’ll also have an article in a future issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. (I promise to post about that, too!)


Altered books by Angie Hughes (artist profile in our Spring 2006 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors). Unfortunately these pictures don’t do these books justice, they were so luscious and textured.


The infamous Art Van Go van. (While still running a gallery and teaching center, Kev and Viv really do roadtrip all around England, bringing one-of-a-kind mixed media and art supplies right to the artist’s door). Us Americans are green with envy.


Here I am with Quilting Arts Fall 2006 cover artist, Mai-Britt Axelsen. She didn’t know she’d made cover until she spotted a copy at the Art Van Go stand. (We’d sent her some copies but she hadn’t received them yet.) Apparently when she saw her quilt on cover, she screamed with joy in the Art Van Go booth. I love it when we make an artist happy…


Linda and Laura Kemshall of Design Works – Design Matters along with other “Six” members. It’s ten minutes until the show closes Sunday evening, and they STILL have the energy to smile! I’m in awe.

That’s all for now. On another note, we are at deadline for the next issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. If you have letters for the editor, we’d love to hear from you! Please email your letter (rather than post to the blog) to