Happy New Year!

And a blessed one I hope it will be for everyone. I don’t have any new year’s resolutions, except to make efforts to spend more time in my studio and less on the net. (My guess is this is a common goal for many of us.)

After my father passed away last fall, I wanted to engage myself in a positive, cathartic activity (and learn something along the way), so I signed up for the Kemshall’s Creative Sketchbook course. I finally spent some time this past new years weekend working on the first module, and am enjoying the design exercises immensely.

In other news, now that many of us are stuck indoors for the next few months, had you given some thought to participating in our Quilting Arts 2008 Calendar “A Novel Idea” Challenge? The receive-by deadline is Friday, March 9th. Even if your quilt is not selected for the calendar, by participating in our challenge, it lets our editorial team familiarize ourselves with your artwork to see if we can feature your work in an upcoming issue of Quilting Arts. Hope you’ll participate!

Warm wishes for a joyful new year,

* Two stamps in this mini-journal page courtesy of Artgirlz.