It’s a Wrap!

We just finished taping the first series of Quilting Arts for PBS, and I have a few more pictures to share with you…

The queen of complex cloth, Jane Dunnewold. She’ll appear in our very first episode and I’m feeling pretty lucky that she’ll be setting the tone!

Speaking of Lucky…

We have Susan (“Lucky”) Shie, too, in this series. She’ll be showing us how she gets copious amount of writing onto her diary quilts.

Jeannie Sumrall Ajero demo’d a neat digital technique to create her beautiful landscape quilt that celebrates her trip to the far east.

Since I was a bit shorter than many of the guests, want to know how I appear so tall while sitting down?

Check out the yellow pages next to the printer. My very own high-tech booster seat!

Quilting Arts will begin airing the very end of this year. Check your local PBS stations the end of December to see when/if it will air in your area. At this time I don’t have information on Quilting Arts airing in international markets, but if that changes, I’ll let you know. When DVDs become available I’ll also share any information I have from Kathie Stull Productions–owner/producer of the show who will have them available.

In gratitude, I’d like to thank the following people for making Quilting Arts TV a reality:

First and foremost, Kathie Stull (owner/producer). Thank you for all of the hard work you did on every facet of the production, and for the faith you had in Quilting Arts Magazine and its community. I’d also like to thank Kathie for being so supportive of me as a host, my first time out of the gate.

Interweave Press– Also for having faith in a girl like me. (We did it!)

My editorial  and design staff: Barbara, Cate, Helen, and Larissa.  For being such a supportive sounding board as they listened to me natter on and fret before I left. Also for helping collect props for the set and design board, for shopping for vintage items (and I know that was painful), keeping me organized, stitching those adorable quilt blocks, and for holding down the fort while I was away.

Mike Murphy (director) and the video-editing, sound, and camera crew. They were all so kind, funny, and patient with me–no matter how many takes it took to get some of those closes.

Katherine (Kathie’s assistant)– For always being such a calm, assuring presence, for making sure I was hydrated, and double-checking I didn’t goof on wardrobe changes.

Karen, the talented make-up artist. She made us all feel and look like rock stars, and every day she left us presents in the make-up room so we’d stay fresh throughout the day. (Photo by Pam RuBert)

All of the wonderful underwriters who made this possible, many of whom came to the set and shared funny and candid conversations in the green room with me. (And I promise, what happens in the green room, stays in the green room.)

The quilt artists who enthusiastically said yes when I asked them if they would want to join us for the first season. You all made this so much fun. Thank you!

John– For taking Saturday afternoon to fix all of the toilet dispensers in the house and for cleaning out the fridge. I honestly didn’t realize we had salad dressing in there…from 2002.

And last but not least, our animal children for giving me a laugh when I got home. I landed late last night, went straight to bed, and woke up to this site this morning (it’s wonderful to be home):