Setting a Shipping Record


More than 2000 pounds and 80 boxes later, we’re on our way to Chicago for the International Quilt Festival/Spring.  I don’t know who’s more shocked by this record-setting shipment––the dog or the UPS guy.

I will try (key word being “try”) to upload pictures of Chicago while we’re there, and when we return, we’ll post the finalists for the “How Does Your Garden Grow?” 2007 Calendar Contest on our website (we received more than 100 beautiful entries.)

For what it’s worth, I’ll be making a small TV appearance on the local ABC News in Chicago, this Thursday at 11:00 AM to promote the Quilt Festival, so if you are local, tune in (and wish me luck).

Hope to see many of you in Chicago and that you’ll sign up for one of our Make It U! with Cloth Paper Scissors Workshops!